Beating Jackson food
insecurity one bite at a time.

Jackson Meals Matter is a program designed to address food insecurity in the City of Jackson, especially amongst school aged children who are some of our most vulnerable citizens.


home of the City of Jackson, 25% of residents have difficulty accessing food on a regular basis.

The Jackson Meals Matter Program was designed to address food insecurity by creating awareness, and building momentum around Jackson's existing food resource and meal site infrastructure.
Jackson Meals Matter provides technical assistance
to 501-c3-c4 Organizations, faith-based institutions,
and Individuals who desire to sponsor youth meal sites.
Jackson Meals Matter
also helps people and groups who want to volunteer or donate food resources or services to the City of Jackson residents.

Jackson mayor declares September “Hunger Action Month”

The City of Jackson comes to the table with the Jackson Meals Matter Task Force, Mississippi Food Network and Feeding America to declare September Hunger Action Month.
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Church and nonprofit members attended a meeting

Church and nonprofit members attended a meeting at the Jackson Medical Mall on Monday to learn how to help those in need this summer. Jackson Meals Matter is a program that addresses food insecurity in the city. Learn More

Food insecurity real for many Mississippians

The state of Mississippi has long ranked at the bottom when it comes to obesity, with data suggesting that nearly 75 percent of residents in the Magnolia State are overweight. But not everyone is getting a seat at the table. There is also research showing that many people, including children, are living hungry in Mississippi. Learn More

Jackson receives $120K grant to fight hunger

The City of Jackson announced Monday it had been awarded $120,000 in the form of a grant from the National League of Cities to help battle hunger.

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America Has a Hunger Problem

We’ve all experienced hunger—that gnawing reminder to eat. But for the 40 million Americans, including more than 12 million children, who live with food insecurity, the sensation isn’t temporary or easily satiated. It is persistent, pernicious, and damages everything it touches, The Atlantic
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